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Version Karaoké offers one of the largest (if not the largest) collection of studio-recorded instrumental music for singers and performers, reaching 47 000 songs to date.

Version Karaoké has been created in 2005 and started with a few hundred songs designed primarily for singers. The website already offered customizable pitch and tempo.

The offer then expanded with the introduction of the Playback Personnalisé, an exclusive technology offering real multi-track customization at a price point never reached before. Today, the website also offers backing tracks for guitar, bass, drums or piano players, including several versions for the price of one (solo track, backing track, cover version...).



Le site Version Karaoké est créé


Les premiers Playbacks Personnalisés sont mis en ligne


Version Karaoké met en ligne de nouvelles versions instrumentales pour musiciens : guitaristes, batteurs, bassistes...


Version Karaoké fête ses 10 ans

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