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Ideal Titres: Blaue Augen
iiO Titres: Rapture
Imajin Titres: Shorty (You Keep Playing With My Mind) (feat. Keith Murray)
Infant Sorrow Titres: The Clap (Get Him to the Greek) - Gang Of Lust (Get Him to the Greek) - Furry Walls (Get Him to the Greek) - I Am Jesus (Get Him to the Greek) - Inside Of You (Forgetting Sarah Marshall)
Inna Titres: Sun Is Up - More Than Friends (feat. Daddy Yankee) - 10 Minutes (feat. Play & Win) - Un momento (feat. Juan Magán) - In Your Eyes (feat. Yandel)
Iron Butterfly Titres: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Version single)
Ishtar Titres: A Paris
Isyss Titres: Day & Night (feat. Jadakiss)
Izïa Titres: La vague