Karaoké Country Song (Pandering - live) - Bo Burnham

Cet enregistrement est une reprise de Country Song (Pandering) rendu célèbre par Bo Burnham
live Make me Happy" Netflix Show 2016

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À propos

Tonalité identique à l'original : Ré, Mi

La chanson commence a cappella

Date de sortie : 2016
Styles : Humour, Country, En anglais

Les titres à télécharger sont des playbacks bande orchestre, et non la musique originale.

Paroles Country Song (Pandering)

It is the exact opposite of honest
Where instead of people actually tellin' their stories you've got a bunch of millionaire metrosexuals
Who've never done a hard day's work in their lives but
They've figured out the words and phrases they can use to pander to their audience
And they list the same words and phrases
All sort of mad-lib style in every song
Rakin' in millions of dollars from an actual workin' class people
You know the words
You know the phrases
Phrases like
A dirt road
A cold beer
A blue jeans
A red pickup
A rural noun
Simple adjectives
No shoes
No shirt
No Jews
You didn't hear that
Sort of a mental typo
I walk and talk like a field hand but the boots I'm wearin' cost three grand
I write songs about ridin' tractors from the comfort of a private jet
I could sing in Mandarin
You'd still know I'm panderin'
Huntin' deer
Chasin' trout
A Bud Light with the logo facin' out
Hear that subtle mandolin
That's textbook panderin'
I own a private ranch that I rarely use
I don't like dirt
One verse
One chorus in the bag
Now it's time to talk to the ladies
I'm hopin' my Southern charm offsets all these rape-y vibes
I'm puttin' out
Good girl in a straw hat
With her arms out in a corn field
That is a scarecrow
Thought it was a human woman
A cold night
A cold beer
A cold jeans
Strike that last one
I'm wantin' you
I hope you're feelin' me
We go to bed
You doze off
So I take your country girl clothes off
I put my hands on your body
It feels like hay
It's a fuckin' scarecrow again
Like Mike's Evander-in'
Fuck your ears
I'm panderin'
I write songs for the people who do jobs in the towns that I'd never move to
Legalize gerrymanderin'
Tolerate my panderin'
You got a beautiful mouth
I got a beautiful
You dumb motherfuckers want a key change
Thematically meanderin'
Emphatically panderin'
I got a tight grip on my demo's balls
Say the word "truck"
They jizz in their overalls
You don't know what land you're in
I'm in the land of panderin'
And I'll be upfront
I do what I do 'cos I'm a total fuckin' cunt-ry boy

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