Karaoké I Feel Lucky - Mary Chapin Carpenter

Cet enregistrement est une reprise de I Feel Lucky rendu célèbre par Mary Chapin Carpenter

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À propos

Avec choeurs (au choix dans la version KFN)

Tonalité identique à l'original : Si

Date de sortie : 1992
Styles : Country, Rock, En anglais
Auteurs-Compositeurs : Mary Chapin Carpenter, Don Schlitz

Les titres à télécharger sont des playbacks bande orchestre, et non la musique originale.

Paroles I Feel Lucky

Well I woke up this morning stumbled out of my rack
I opened up the paper to the page in the back
It only took a minute for my finger to find my daily dose of destiny under my sign
My eyes just about popped out of my head
It said
The stars are stacked against you girl
Get back in bed
I feel lucky
I feel lucky
No Professor Doom gonna stand in my way
I feel lucky today
Well I strolled down to the corner
Gave my numbers to the clerk
The pot's eleven million so I called in sick to work
I bought a pack of Camels a burrito and a Barq's
Crossed against the light made a beeline for the park
The sky began to thunder wind began to moan l heard a voice above me saying girl you better get back home
I feel lucky
Oh oh oh
I feel lucky
No tropical depression gonna steal my sun away
I feel lucky today
Now eleven million later
I was sitting at the bar
I'd bought the house a double and the waitress a new car
Dwight Yoakam's in the corner trying to catch my eye
Lyle Lovett's right beside me with his hand upon my thigh
The moral of this story it's simple but it's true
Hey the stars might lie but the numbers never do
I feel lucky
Oh oh oh
I feel lucky
Hey Dwight, hey Lyle
Boys you don't have to fight
Hot dog
I'm feeling lucky tonight
I feel lucky brrrr
I feel lucky
I think I'll flip a coin
I'm a winner either way
I feel lucky today

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