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À propos

Avec choeurs (au choix dans la version KFN)

Tonalité identique à l'original : Do, Ré

Date de sortie : 2013
Styles : Musique de films et séries TV, Comédies musicales, En anglais
Auteur : Scott Wittman
Auteur-Compositeur : Marc Shaiman

Les titres à télécharger sont des playbacks bande orchestre, et non la musique originale.

Paroles Public Relations

Here she is
Miss Marilyn Monroe
Will she have the answers that our readers want to know
From India and Paris
And from just across the pond
We have so many questions for
America's smart dumb blonde
Here I am
I dropped in from the sky
For Look and Life and all the boys from Peek and UPI
Please let us peek behind closed doors
Where no one is allowed
Well I'm pretty good in private but the truth is
I'm better in a crowd
I relate to men of so many nations
But public relations are my favorite kind
You're the story that we're glad we're assigned
Dealing with one man can lead to frustrations
But public relations
I have never declined
'Cos we're the guys who'll never leave ya behind
A bunch of men with pad and pen is a way to have some fun
Ha ha
But ladies listen to me confidentially
Nothing ever beats a one on one
Still you have come to me for sex in quotations
So I'll use public relations to give you a piece of my mind
Gimme gimme a piece of your mind
'Cos the answer to a question is the way you're defined like
What do you sleep in
Well I adore Chanel number five and not much more
Any advice for a girl in the city
If you're two faced at least make one of them pretty
The studio says lateness is your favorite crime
True I've been on a calendar but never on time
When you posed nude your inhibitions were gone
Well that's not quite true
I kept the radio on
Ha yes to chase the blues boys I chase the newsboys
Fame has plenty of perks
When your life's a mess call the foreign press
Be they Indian Parisian
German or Turks
I am glad you crave my best conjugations
Yes public relations is my favorite sound
'Cos when I'm around
I can pick up the phone
'Cos the forth estate is always around
Yes it's just good public relations

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